Health Care

AxioMed Spine Corporation was founded in 2001 to develop innovative, next-generation spinal implants designed to restore spinal function for patients with degenerative disc disease. AxioMed is lead by a highly experienced management team and is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Juventas Therapeutics, Inc. (formerly AcelleRX) is a seed-stage company developing biopharmaceuticals exclusively licensed from Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Marc Penn M.D., Ph.D. for treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Imalux Corporation is a medical device company destined to become the worldwide leader in the commercialization of medical imaging equipment and devices based on its proprietary Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technologies.  Optical Coherence Tomography, a new imaging modality, has the potential to become the 6th broad imaging technology.  The Imalux OCT technology has the ability to more effectively detect diseases at an early stage, including cancer, and can be used to guide the surgical removal of diseased tissues.  With Imalux products, physicians can improve a patient’s outcome through earlier detection of certain diseases, such as cervical cancer and bladder cancer, thus avoiding the cost, complications, and risks associated with additional surgical procedures for removal of the diseased tissue. Imalux is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Minimally Invasive Devices LLC (MID) was founded by a laparoscopic surgeon to develop surgical tools that facilitate and enable the performance of Minimally Invasive Surgery. MID’s patent portfolio includes technology to improve visualization during laparoscopic surgery, two technologies that facilitate laparoscopic suturing, and a device that simplifies the removal of ureteral stones.

MID’s current focus is on FloShield™, a device intended to improve visualization. During laparoscopic surgery it is common for condensation to form on the end of the laparoscope obscuring vision. It is also common for debris from the ultrasonic scalpel, cautery, or even blood products themselves to degrade the surgical view. Most commonly, surgeons will need to remove the laparoscope for manual cleaning. Rarely, this may also occur during active bleeding when time spent cleaning the scope may allow blood products to accumulate at the surgical site.

FloShield is designed to greatly reduce or eliminate the bother of the surgical team having to frequently remove the laparoscope to restore a clear view of the operative site.

Information Technology

Cine-tal Systems, Inc. is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and develops High Definition (HD) video and Digital Cinema products for cinematographers, videographers and post production professionals.  Launched in September, 2004, the company produces software and hardware for precision monitoring and color management focusing on visual collaboration, image processing and image display for the motion picture production, video production, and television broadcasting markets.

The most comprehensive online preconstruction management service in the industry today. General contractors, subcontractors and suppliers have access to this when they subscribe to iSqFt. An online application that facilitates every aspect of the preconstruction process – from helping companies find additional work to streamlining the bidding process – bringing everyone together in one place for a more effective, cost efficient process.

Manta Media is an online media company which provides the largest free source of information on small companies worldwide, enabling business professionals to promote their companies, sell faster and make business connections.

Scale Computing develops scale-out clustered IT infrastructure products for small to medium-sized organizations based on its patented ICOS [Intelligent Clustered Operating System] technology. Since launching its initial scale-out storage solution in 2009, Scale has grown to over 1,000 deployments. Scale is currently expanding its footprint throughout the datacenter with what analysts are calling the industry’s first hyperconverged architecture, HC3. Scale’s HC3 seamlessly integrates storage, servers and virtualization into a scalable, turnkey infrastructure that’s as easy to manage as a single server. Designed specifically for IT generalists, HC3 is ideal for those who have not yet adopted virtualization due to cost and complexity, enabling them to run highly available applications.

Nextumi, Inc., also known as ShareThis, is a start-up venture based in Dublin, Ohio.  ShareThis is an Internet company that is improving the way people share information in a connected world.  The company created a platform for publishers to consolidate social web sharing services on their sites, making sharing easy and trackable.  For users, ShareThis offers the ability to consolidate address books and friend lists for easy sending, as well as posting, bookmarking, rating, recommending and tagging.  The result is a multi-site sharing platform that leverages one’s existing trusted network of users.

WebLinc is the e-commerce platform and services provider for the fastest growing online retailers. WebLinc’s modern, agile technologies and strategic expertise empower companies running global, omnichannel commerce operations, and enable retailers to consistently out-pace the competition.

That’s why WebLinc was a natural a choice for both Nasty Gal, a high fashion retailer, and The W. Diamond Group, the purveyor of some of the most iconic and traditional American apparel brands. It’s why Healthy Directions chose WebLinc to sell to its technology-averse customer base and Deep Discount used WebLinc to design and develop a site for its base of tech-savvy customers.

Xcelerate Media provides customized elearning solutions that assist organizations in training employees and customers on mission critical topics. Working with multiple Fortune 500 companies, Xcelerate Media provides solutions to organizations that require comprehensive training for large audiences in a short amount of time.


Arisdyne Systems is an advanced materials and process systems integration company. We license continuous flow, high efficiency systems to manufacturers of fuels. Arisdyne’s integrated, labor efficient systems scale easily from it’s lab to your plant site. The Arisdyne Systems team brings over 50 years of technological expertise to the industry. Arisdyne Systems’ goal is to license disruptive integrated systems applying patented state-of-the-art core technologies and advanced engineering to improve the economics of alternative fuel processes while helping our environment and reducing our reliance on foreign and fossil fuels.

NanoStatics is a privately owned company, based in Ohio.  The principals of the company have developed intellectual property for the EHS technology and have considerable experience in developing and manufacturing equipment for the processing industries.  The company has significant competences in coatings and materials for metals, paper, film, packaging and glass.

The company has a pilot coating facility with the capability to manufacture small scale proof of concept products, do product development for customers, or do limited scale pre-launch manufacturing for customers who have purchased equipment. NanoStatics will design and build EHS systems based on the customer requirements and the types of products to be made.  The purchase of a system includes a license to use the technology.